Our vision of merging the alternative surf and aircooled Porsche culture finally happened on the 3rd and 4th of August 2018. My partner Angelo Schmitt, part owner of the Blue Magazine and Norden Surfboards, and myself always wanted to organize a different type of event/festival on our home island "Sylt".

We kicked things off with a BBQ at the Porsche auf Sylt concept store the night before the main festival. Sun was out, cold beers were served and tasty food devoured.


The main festival day started in Kampen with a get-together and a drive across the island in the morning, followed by the official opening of the venue by 2:00 PM at the Kaamp Hüs. We had numerous Porsche and surf photo exhibitions by Vince Perraud (Paris), Derek Dunfee (San Diego) and the Wasted Talent crew from Hossegor. All participants parked their aircooled Porsches around the premises, Glen D'Arcie came from J-Bay South Africa for a live surfboard shape performance, we had a marketplace set up where every sponsor had a sales and info booth, DJ Chris from Scotland was working the wheels of steel and Stevie Gee from London was getting down with a live paint performance. We also featured an exhibition of the history of surfing on Sylt, which dates back to 1953 and is therefore one of the oldest scenes in all of Europe!



Major thanks to our head presenter Porsche and Porsche auf Sylt and our Sponsors: Kampen, Norden Surfboards, T.C.S.S., Wasted Talent, Höing Sportmotoren a.k.a. Wickedsixes, RDC Motorail Sylt, Blue Magazine, Veltins Beers, Sylt Quelle and Thorsten Möller's Restaurant "Möllers Anker".




Also a big shout-out to Magnus Walker and Hannah Elliott for coming through, Vince Perraud for being my wingman and flying in from the south of France and our brother from another Stevie Gee and his wife for making the trip from London!





Thank you to all the participants, everybody who came out, our friends (you know who you are) for lending us a helping hand and our families for all the support!

Let's see what we can cook up for next years Vol.2!

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