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CA x Luft VI

Having spent well over ten years in beautiful southern California, it doesn't take much to get me into a plane these days, might it be a single-engine Cessna or some type of spaceship, as long as it's heading west I am in! There's always some work to be done and interesting projects to discuss with good friends. Shout-out at this point to my brother from another mother: Andrew Potash from The Ampal Creative for letting me and my Petro-Surf partner Angelo Schmitt stay at his house!

This time around there was lots on the to-do list. The surf was looking amazing, Luftgekühlt 6 was about to go down in one of the most amazing locations ever: the Universal Studio sets incl. locations from Back to the Future 1, but what am I talking about? I am sure you've seen all the amazing photos already and I was extremely juiced to present the latest Luftgekühlt x Marine Machine collab. 

The second collab consists of a hat in conjunction with The Ampal Creative,who facilitated the production in Los Angeles, made from British fabric with lots of details and TLC it is safe to say we're all super excited about the outcome! Product number two is what you call a "Bordmappe" in good ol' Germany, or how the Luft crew calls it: "a man-purse" for all the documents you'd need to have in your car. Made in Germany from local vegetable dyed leather, quality over quantity any day!

The Ampal Creative, Marine Machine, Luftgekühlt, Luft 6, Made in Los Angeles

Festivities kicked off at our good friends from Race Service two nights before Luft 6. Nico a.k.a The Ornamental Conifer painted a 935, beers were cold and the tacos tasty, good people - good things!

My original plan for Luftgekühlt, as always, was to catch up with all homies that I don't get to see that much, but as always plans change and Porsche asked me to do interviews for their newsroom. I help, where I can and couldn't turn down the request. I got to talk to a rad and very diverse group of people as Porsche nuts as me and that I am happy to all call friends: from the founders of the R-Gruppe Chris Huergas and Freeman Thomas, Patrick Long Porsche factory driver and Luftgekühlt founder to Vince Perraud Photog extraordinaire, Charles Stanman from Road Scholars, Thorsten Klein from Porsche and a few more. Good times but time passed faster than a 917 on the Mulsanne Straight.

After Luftgekühlt it was time to go back down south to our home-base in La Jolla. The reefs greeted us with good surf, we managed to score Trestles firing with one of the first south swells of the season and I got to enjoy frosty beers at my old work, Pacific Drive Skateshop.

Below is Andrew from The Ampal Creative on his 11'0" Magic Mabile glider gliding away somewhere in La Jolla. Photo by Jack Revell.

To this day I sometimes wonder what am I doing in Germany with my wife and kiddo, but I am very glad to have such a rad group of friends to this day in San Diego, who always welcome me with open arms.

California über alles!

Luftgekühlt, Luft 6, Porsche, Luftgekühlt, Luft 6, Porsche

Luftgekühlt, Luft 6, Porsche Luftgekühlt, Luft 6, Porsche, Joshy Robots

Luftgekühlt, Luft 6, Porsche, Chad McQueen

Luftgekühlt, Luft 6, Porsche, 4 Till 4 Coffee Luftgekühlt, Luft 6, Porsche, Marine Machine, Ride Anyways

Luftgekühlt, Luft 6, Porsche, Porsche 917 Spider, Porsche 917K Luftgekühlt, Luft 6, Porsche, The Ampal Creative, Matt Hart

Thanks to Vince Perraud for the awesome Luft 6 Photos!






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