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Ahoi Hamburg – Marine Machine Shop

Pls. note that the showroom has moved to a new address, contact Ken at and set up an appointment at the new location!

Sooner or later it was time that we also present something from our SHOP category that has been not that popular so far. Few weeks ago we visited our friend Ken Hake from MARINE MACHINE Leather Supply and his new shop in the town of Hamburg, Germany.

Hamburg is well known for it’s alternative scene of small labels, people and shops but there is one of them that steps a bit out of the row. Marine Machine, founded back in the year of 2012 by owner and creative head of design Ken, combines a very special idea to a international noticed brand. Born on the German isle of Sylt, Ken is addicted to the salty breeze of oceans environment. Already in his early years Ken was water boarded by his surfboard, something that keeps in mind for ever…

Having grown up in the nineteen-nineties, Ken is influenced by the music roots of grunge, good old HipHop and skateboarding, all the good things that are still present till today. For over a decade in the early years of the 20th century Ken moved to San Diego, a space that was still connected by old contacts collected during his former surf contest years. He started a small career in surf & skate industry and used to collect Nike sneakers in his spare time. Collecting this rare stuff was a good idea as selling them at a later time helped to launch the new brand Marine Machine with the cashflow it generated.

Influenced by these experiences and always being on the hunt for the one and only perfect leather jacket, Ken was heading back to Germany to found a label of his own. A straight red line in all of Marine Machine leather goods is the perfect quality combined with a classical design. Based on these rules there are regularly launched small amounts of individually numbered, limited edition pieces – sometimes with other independent creative companies such as for example the collab of Marine Machine X The Ampal Crreative from California, USA.

But there aren’t only leather jackets, there are also bullet proof wallets, belts or fin cases for your short or long boards fabricated out of a local premium quality leather. And of course Ken is able to source you the matching perfect surfboard! All of the products can be shopped online via Marine Machine webstore, but if you do like it a bit more analog with a touch and test wearing things you should visit the showroom in Hamburg or check out one of the dozen stores that offer Marine Machine goods all around the world.

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