Petro-Surf Vol.2 took place 5th to 7th of July on our little island "Sylt" that we call home. Kick off was again at the unique "Porsche auf Sylt" location, where our sponsors, press and all the participants got together. Vibes were great as usual, smooth breaks blasted from the speakers, frosty cold beers were served and a large crowd gathered to get a glimpse of the 2019 aircooled Porsche line-up, all in all we went from 25 cars in 2018 to approximately 55 cars this time around.

For the main day, Saturday the 6th of July, the weather gods wanted to keep us on our toes and started the day off with buckets and buckets of rain. Spirits remained high even though we were all drenched, but hey P/S is all about passion and we're only talking water. Meeting spot was the Buhne 16 parking lot from where we took a 40 minute drive across the island to the Ocean Camp, which used to be an old elementary school. A couple refreshments later and after a photo shooting of each of the participant's cars with our brother from another - Vince Perraud - we got back on the road to drive to the festivals site. A big THANK YOU also to Ted Gushue, who came out all the way for barely 24 hours to cover P/S for Type 7.

For 2019 we wanted to evolve the festival a little bit. Evolution is the name of the game. Each of our sponsors had a booth set up, we featured photo exhibitions of the 2018 P/S festival, Alan van Gysen provided us with stunning surf photography and our good friend Maurice van den Tillaard took care of the Porsche visuals. Thomas Bexon along with glasser extraordinaire Jake Bowrey shaped and glassed a board in one of the Heimplanet expedition tents, showing next level artistry. NYC artist Richard Phillips showed sketches from his Le Mans winning Porsche livery and living Porsche encyclopedia Uwe Makrutzki, from Porsche classic alongside Le Mans winning Porsche factory driver Richard Lietz, partook in a live discussion, giving the festival visitors some inside Porsche knowledge that usually only diehard fans know about. Another unique part of Petro-Surf was the Heimplanet village, where Heimplanet set up a beautiful camp site for several P/S visitors to spend their time on Sylt. Our Petro-Surf resident artist Stevie Gee had a bodega store on site with a bunch of rad art and goodies for sale.

To relieve our DJ for a little bit we had two bands come out: local surf tune aficionados "The Monkey Plums" and later at night Copenhagen's finest "Halasan Bazar". A few more beers later and after some amazing grub from Möllers Anker, we closed the doors and called it a night. After everything was set and done it was an amazing day with an extremely well turnout, telling us that we're on to something in year two. Thanks to everybody, who came out – it's all about the people!

One main part of Petro-Surf 2019 was left for Sunday, our last day. In cooperation with the Surf Club Sylt we hosted the "Petro-Surf-Single-Fin-Challenge" in pretty decent surf. 16 surfers duked it out for cash prizes. Tim Schubert, a Sylt local, came out on top, but everybody was juiced just to be out there.

What a weekend!

Thanks to our sponsors: Porsche, Heimplanet, Kampen, Captain Fin, Sylt Fähre, Magnus Quelle, Veltins, Blue Magazine and Hake GmbH, without whom Petro-Surf would not be possible!

Stay tuned for what we're cooking up for Petro-Surf Vol.3 19th - 21st June 2020!

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